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Wayside Cottage

Client: Private Client

Sitecrofts Role: Design, Planning, Building Regulations, Construction.

Scheme: This was a sensitive scheme, which required negotiations with New Forest District Council to obtain planning permission to demolish an existing thatched cob cottage in the heart of the New Forest and replace it with a modern family home utilising many of the key features of a thatched cottage construction. The key issues here where to maximise the permissible floor area given the constraints of the New Forest planning policy. The scheme utilised extensive outbuildings, reed thatch from Mid Europe, natural oak and joinery throughout the property as well as natural stone flooring and many other features, which makes this property rather special in terms of a new build.

Grenville Place

Client: Blandford Estates Limited

Sitecrofts Role: Sitecroft undertook the land find, design, planning and onward in house marketing of the scheme.

Scheme: The primary issue with this scheme was the ability to obtain planning permission. The site was purchased on an unconditional basis by the Joint Venture Company and Sitecroft obtained the permission to demolish what was a significant and interesting Edwardian villa to be replaced with an apartment block on 4 stories comprising 16 units. The key elements here where negotiation with the local residents, which had formed a major opposition committee to the scheme as well as extended and protracted discussions with the Local Planning Authority and negotiations with English Heritage. However a successful permission was achieved without the need for appeal. The site was then sold on with a significant gain due to the added value created by the achievement of the planning permission.


Client: Campwise Limited

Sitecrofts Role: Sitecroft undertook design, planning, building regulations, detail, construction, in house marketing, sales and after sales.

Scheme: A select development of 15 detached large 3 bedroom bungalows in three different designs and a 4 bedroom house. The scheme was a buffer development shielding the high density redevelopment of Northern Gillingham from the open countryside across the Shreen Water Valley. The essence of this scheme was a feeling of open space with large gardens and landscaping to a high standard. This scheme offered all the best qualities in contemporary designs and modern amenities combined with individualism and tradition which appealed to the retired market it was aimed at. The scheme was highly successful.